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Clearing up ‘Expelled’: Richard Dawkins on Aliens, Intelligent Design and God April 21, 2008

Posted by aegisofreason in atheism, richard dawkins.
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Explanation for the miss understanding made in the creationism movie ‘Expelled’ on regards to Aliens.



1. Phil Shoffner - April 21, 2008

Could Richard Dawkins be any more unsure about his position? He seems to be stipulating to the idea that there is no scientific proof that life could be initiated by nature. If God created he must have evolved because he was complex. Is this not the exact argument of intelligent design: that is life is impossibly complex so it must be created. He just proved intelligent design if empirical data indicates that natural systems favor chaos over complexity.

Then he actually suggest an evolved God could explain the existence of complex structures such as the eye.

2. aegisofreason - April 21, 2008

Thank you for your post!

>_< !

3. Evelyn SoD - April 21, 2008

I don’t know about you … but, In the Beginning, before Earth’s Beginning, was the Beginning of Us … we of Intelligent Design of Mind Souls … the Mind is that ‘’Complex Designed Circuitry of Intelligent Energy’ .. The Soul is that ghost-like Energy which engulfs the Mind at all times …. And the Spirit is but the accelerated state of any energy … …SoD …15806 Winding Moss-B …Houston Texas … 77068 …. 281-4401918 …. Evelynseedofdavid@gmail.com …. http://sod2008.multiply.com/

4. aegisofreason - April 21, 2008

With all due respect… What?!

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